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Stocktaking & Auditing

People often ask “what can your company do for my business?”, the answer is simple…

We can work with you to ensure your business increases profitability and reduces waste.  We feel that keeping a tight control on your business is imperative and we can help you achieve this.

Regular stocktakes provide you with valuable information about your business; detailing gross profit, identifying losses and wastage, weaknesses in control and stock management as well as helping you tailor your offer to build a better, more profitable business.

JSLTC’s stocktakers have a wealth of experience in the trade and look at your business from both sides of the bar.  Using modern, bespoke stocktaking packages, we will produce detailed, tailored reports on site and sit down and discuss the results.  From that we will draw up plans to help solve any issues or any ideas we feel may be of use to the operation of your business.

We carry out bar and food stocktakes in all size of business, from small pubs to multi bar nightclubs and hotels.  We use our practical experience in the hospitality trade to help you build your business and maximize profits.

Bar Stocktaking
Food Stocktaking

We’re not just about stocktaking!

We offer the helping hand you need to help you along the business road. From looking for the perfect sites to sourcing the cups for your coffee we would be by your side. Let us help you with that business plan, source your valuer, aid you in getting the best deals on insurance, utilities and PDQ systems. Contact us for an informal chat and see how we can help you.
Want to make sure your staff are trained to the level you want? Let us help. We can draw up bespoke training packages tailored to the needs of your site alone. If you want staff induction packs, an internal training package or have one of our trainers come in and run a full staff training session, then contact us and discuss your requirements.
Why not let us take the hassle out of your accounts. Our accounts system allows real time inputting of figures, using our secure online system. No more handwritten sheets just fill the system daily and each month we will visit, collect your paperwork and produce monthly management accounts. No chance of your paperwork being lost in the post. Included in this are your VAT returns and end of year accounts. We can also look after your payroll too.
Want to build that profitable food trade? Want to make sure you are working to the best margin you can? Then let us help. Our kitchen management team is made up of former chefs with years of experience in the trade, working up to 5* hotel level. We can help you from planning the kitchen to designing and printing the menu.
Promoting your business is one of those things that everyone does at the start but as time goes on, seems to forget. Marketing your business is very important and doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. We can point you in the right direction and build a marketing strategy to meet your needs. Give us a ring and have an informal chat bout how we can help.
One quick call and we can start on helping you source the suppliers you need. We have a large catalogue of companies that will help you not only achieve the best profit but help you with the quality your business needs. From microbreweries, wines and spirits to butchers and consumables, we can help match your business needs.
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How much could you save?

Our clients save anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds a month, not to mention freeing up their valuable time and having an independent eye looking at your business for peace of mind.

So do you want to see how stocktaking can work for you?

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