• Food Stocktaking

Food stock control can be tough and is often not thought about in the same way as the bar. The following issues appear in most kitchens at some point;

Accurate Profit Margins

Are you unsure of what profit you are making on your food?

How we can help;

Our accurate food counting allows us to report back to you on the exact gross profit you are making on your food. In a lot of cases we can compare against what the GP should be for the items sold to show how well your kitchen is performing.

High Waste

Do you worry about the amount of food wasted in the kitchen?

How we can help;

Wastage is one of the largest causes of lost profit, what is thrown away daily may look small but it can have huge effect on your business. We can help you get a grip on wastage, by costing it into a cash figure we can advise and work with you to lower waste.

Poor Menu Planning

Is your menu correctly priced to ensure you are making the most from the ingredients on the plate?

How we can help;

We will work with you and your kitchen staff to produce accurate costing for each dish on the menu, creating a spec sheet in the process for your kitchen staff to work to. This along with correct portion control will lead to great profit.
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How much could you save?

Our clients save anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds a month, not to mention freeing up their valuable time and having an independent eye looking at your business for peace of mind.
So do you want to see how stocktaking can work for you?
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