• Bar Stocktaking

We have found that most businesses will suffer from one or more of the following issues;

Cash & Stock Shortages

Do you find you are sometimes short on your end of day cash up, or notice stock missing?

How we can help;

We will carry out an accurate stock take and report back on any anomalies. If you have a suitable till, we can compare individual line gains and losses to narrow down any issues. We can also carry out site cash checks.

Low Profit Margins

Do you have less money at the end of the month than you expect?

How we can help;

As well as reporting your overall gross profit we can give you accurate figures on all product lines by updating changes in cost prices. We then advise on any changes that can be made to increase profitability.

High Waste

Do you see a lot of you stock being thrown away? Are drip trays always full?

How we can help;

We will work with you to ascertain the root cause of the wastage. There are many factors that can lead to waste, most within your control. Dispense issues can be looked and and staff training issues can be solved.

Low Yield

Are you getting money for 96% or more of the stock you buy?

How we can help;

We believe that yield is as, if not more important than gross profit. Will will help and advise on how you can maximize the money taken on each product.

Short Deliveries

Are you happy that all your deliveries are accurate? Are you always getting credit for missing items?

How we can help;

We check every delivery note against the invoice to ensure accuracy of deliveries. This will also help us flag up any credits you are owed by your suppliers.

Staff Drinking

Worried how much your staff drink during shifts?

How we can help;

We will accurately calculate what quantities your staff are drinking, show this as a cash figure and help work with you to keep a close eye on consumption.
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How much could you save?

Our clients save anywhere from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds a month, not to mention freeing up their valuable time and having an independent eye looking at your business for peace of mind.
So do you want to see how stocktaking can work for you?
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